In the surname of love

I have always searched for my one true love, without actually searching. If I randomly met someone through mutual friends, fine. If not, I just hoped that the perfect someone would land on my doorstep. Crazy, right? I grew up being surrounded by people who had average relationships and marriages but I dreamt that IContinue reading “In the surname of love”

The former object of my affection

When I was a teenager, I was clumsy with boys. I was really shy and never approached the boys I liked ,unlike my classmates who had one boyfriend after the other. As an adult my clumsiness continued…I dated a few men and my first major crash was at the age of twenty eight. And youContinue reading “The former object of my affection”

Blast from the past

In the past few months, apart from wearing masks, we have also picked up another habit. Video calls! Since we can’t meet in person we meet online. A friend of mine started these calls last year in order to keep herself busy and her morals high since she was expecting her first baby during theContinue reading “Blast from the past”

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