I still don’t like to move it move it

After a long break I started exercising again, this time online. I got up in the morning determined to eat a healthy toast with avocado and drink herbal tea. However, I was sleepy and I was craving coffee and cookies. And I had them. So, I started my online session bloated and not so full of energy. Still, I was optimistic. I really wanted my online exercising to work. I moved my laptop about 6-7 times because the trainer could not get a good view of me. Then l lay down, on the floor , and I had to put my laptop on the floor, too. Since my room is not very spacious, stretching is not an easy business. I hurt my hand on the closet door and my leg on the bed. But still, I was optimistic..

.Since I had no equipment I had to improvise. I used two small plastic bottles filled with water as dumbbells. Guess what I dropped and the lid was not tight…The trainer joked about changing the session to synchronized swimming. Guess who didn’t find that comment funny. If it hadn’t been for my health issues and if I didn’t like eating A LOT I would not bother again but what to do…I can’t wait for the next session…Not…

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