And so this is not Christmas

Everything is going to be different about this year’s Christmas but I decided that one thing should remain the same. My baking spree!

Every year, a random night in December, a few days before Christmas I pour a glass of wine (or 3), put on some Christmas music (after the third glass it is disco music) and start baking. It is usually fancy cupcakes (reality is definitely not like expectation) or cookies in different versions or Italian biscotti with pistachios and cranberries. After the first batch, which does not taste as nice as I expected, I pour another glass of wine and make another batch adjusting the ingredients according to my baking experience. The second batch still does not taste as well as I expected. Disappointed as I am, I change course completely. I get the whole wheat flour out, the coconut oil and the agave syrup. As a result, my previous batches taste better after have tasted the healthy, vegan, reduced-fat version. So, the problem is solved. Then, I have to deal with another problem. Cleaning…By two am I have about ten pounds of baked goods, a dirty sink and a sticky floor. I go to bed by three o’clock and I wake up in the morning with a light headache wondering what on earth I was thinking the night before…

I don’t know when my baking spree will take place this year. I often go through my old recipes humming “Last Christmas I gave you my mask”. Working from home has made me really lazy and to be honest I don’t feel very Christmassy. As much as I try not to lose hope, I am a pessimist. I can’t help it. I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel, at least not yet. This pandemic has turned our lives upside down. I know humanity has been through worse and that the Pharaohs would laugh if they heard us complain about just on plague but this is more that the modern world could handle. This is not how Christmas should be. One thing can be comforting, though. Young Kevin will not be home alone this Christmas. EVERYBODY will be home!

Merry Christmas!

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