In search of the lost snow globe

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by glass snowballs. I have been in search of the perfect one for decades but I still haven’t found it. I own quite a few but none of them is THE ONE. I was aware of the fact when I bought them and hoped that one day, I would find an amazing glass snowball and that I would recognize it the minute I saw it. I have no clue how I want it to be like or where to find it. (Someone once said-in a glass, ha ha). Still, I ‘m confident that one day I will.

This Christmas will not be like others. No festivities, no parties, no large family dinners since that half ass jingler virus has turned our lives upside down. Personally, I am tired of being part of an event that will be taught in History books in a few years but as long my loved ones are well, I have nothing else to ask for.

I won’t go looking for the perfect glass snowball this year. I am not in the mood- plus I am avoiding crowds like every person who respects his or herself during a pandemic. I could try and make one of myself since I have pinned dozens of ideas but still, I do not have the skills required. As a matter of fact, my craft skills resemble the ones of a five-year-old. With the things happening around us I don’t feel like buying more things (except perhaps from that great pair of boots I saw online). I will settle for the possessions I already own that are more than enough (as my full closets suggest) and I will try to focus on uplifting myself spiritually which is not an easy task when people piss you off all the time.

Maybe one day, I will find the perfect glass snowball.

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